Fostercare – Where “One Small Thing” – Really Does Make A Difference!

It has been crazy & busy around here…preschool graduations, middle school move-up, retirement homes for mom…its so easy to lose sight of the small things….that make the big things!  Thanks to the Kisamore family I am back on track:)

Last night someone retweeted one of my tweets which led me to find out who they were and what they were about….thanks Ann Evanston and her Social Network Coaching Club for showing me how important making the connection is, and the right way to go about it!  And, I am so glad I did:)  It brought that warm fuzzy feeling…it was a wonderful reminder that I am not alone in believing its the small things…..knowing first hand they do make a difference.  What your momma told you was right, every little bit helps!

So, I tweeted back, we connected, and I checked out the website.  I was so taken by this family who were inspired by Jimmy Wayne – a former foster child- who walked across country to bring awareness to his project Meet Me Half Way – for foster kids aging out of the system.  After seeing his concert they decided, kids and all, that they could do “One Small Thing”….and they have!  They are recycling bicycles to give to kids in care and/or to sell at the store to raise money for the Nazareths Children’s Home.  I was all smiles…as I am sure the kids receiving these bikes are too!  Really great things are happening here!!!  I read their blog, and it says they are just starting and don’t know what to say, and I hope they keep at it….because these are the good things people love to hear about….and people can learn and get ideas from them as well. 

A little while later another tweet came from them….and reading the story it pointed me to brought it all home for me…..The Starfish Story.  I hope you take a minute to read it if you haven’t already seen it.  It’s heartwarming and inspiring…hope you enjoy it!  It will change the way you see the world (and the beach), and how YOU can make a difference….one small thing…at a time! 

I will leave you with this quote…..
“There’s so much one person can do, and so many ways they can help make a difference.  It just takes one person to help someone to a better life.”  – Jimmy Wayne –

Remember, its the small things that are the big things….we can ALL do one small thing!


Have you ever felt like what you are doing is small and insignificant (in the big picture)?  Are you doing one small thing to make the world a better place?  Do your kids get involved?

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I Survived The Rapture 2011…And So Did the 144,000 Aging Out of Foster Care

If you didn’t hear about The Rapture….you had to be living under a rock (or in total seclusion which means you are NOT reading this)!  With all the hoopla leading up to and surrounding the May 21st “End Of The World” date there were many things to contemplate……IF you believed. 

Well, I  wasn’t too worried…cause lets face it I was gonna be here til October no matter what….but I was happy to hear my daughter (going to catholic school) wasn’t scared out of her mind about it all.  I am thankful she didn’t ask me if I thought I’d be taken, or staying, she thinks we’re a package deal…lol!  But, in an odd way, driving home from school everyday and seeing the house with the signs and radio information in the front yard along with the car wrapped in “dooms day” jargon gave us ample time (like a year or so) to prepare her……and ourselves.  I really thought she was going to bring it up….but she didn’t – so I left it alone.

What I found out later over dinner Saturday night, thankfully, was that Father Carrier had handled this for me (us) in class….telling all of the kids that they should give the believers of the May 21st doomsday some room….until next weekend maybe, because they will be embarrassed.  He clarified for them that NOBODY knows when the end of the world, and/or Jesus, will come, it will happen  when you least expect it, so you shouldn’t worry.  I am so thankful and happy to report his talk worked…and she was calm about it all…highly unusual for my nervous nelly…..Thank you Father:)

So, instead of worrying about consoling her, I should have been composing my letter to Harold Camping, the man who (for the 2nd or maybe 3rd time) made the incorrect prediction….and (made $$$ and) wasted MILLIONS of dollars while spreading nothing but FEAR!  No worries, my note is in draft form now, but what I would like to say, since I survived and am still here, is that we wasted a lot of time, energy and money…….and I have an idea going forward.

How about your taking just HALF the time, energy and MONEY spent on FEAR mongering, and putting it towards Casa Valentina or  Jimmy Wayne’s Meet Me Half Way Project – educating the country while helping kids aging out of foster care…since in REALITY it is the equivilent of Judgement day….as they are left, thrown out, without care, support, or a place to live….tormenting them!  And what a coincidence, there are probably about 144,000 of them…a year, so we can even use your number….of those to be “saved”. 

But, if these don’t suit you, there are countless others, AdoptUSkids, Dave Thomas Foundation, CASA, the list goes on and on…..of people helping kids!  Choose one, two, or 20….whatever works for you!   

Obviously, the money and time could be spent to bring a better life and joy to these innocent kids…..maybe a home, an education, a loving family…being a GODLY man Mr. Camping, I have to believe you see that this makes sense and good use of your time and money.  I am not casting aspersions…..we are all entitled to our beliefs…I am Catholic and have my owns issues!  However, I draw the line at fear mongering.  I’m just stating the facts about how much good could come from all the money, time and energy! 

Imagine the BILLBOARDS bringing awareness, the RADIO adds spreading the message, the FUNDING bringing homes, life training, and college educations, the RECRUITMENT of forever families and the SMILES on the kids faces and the LOVE in their hearts.  Imagine the amount of love you peronally would bring to this world. 

So, I survived The Rapture 2011 (tshirts coming soon)…and I am hoping you do the right thing…because its ALL about the kids!  God’s innocent children.  You won’t be alone Harold, I am here to help YOU….serve!

God bless,


Survive the rapture?  Surprised your still here?  Did you attend a rapture party?  Do anything different that day?  Prepare to leave, or be left behind?  Did your kids have questions? Your thoughts about the whole thing?!

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Foster Caring – Just Do It!

YouTube Preview Image

Had a great conversation today about Foster Care with 2 wonderful moms.  They had many questions about the system, the process, the kids, and how they  can make a difference.  I said Just Do It!

Bottom line is that May is Foster Care Awareness Month and I’m doing my best to spread the word and help recruit fabulous foster families for the almost 500K kids in care.  Yes, there are THAT many kids!  We need great foster parents…..for these vulnerable children without a voice.  If you have room in your heart and your home, just do it!  One phone call can change a life…..your and theirs!

Thanks for listening and getting the word out…’s ALL about the kids!


Can you picture yourself changing a life?  Do you know what the steps are to becoming a foster parent?  Have you ever inquired?  Know any foster parents?  Want to learn more?

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Mother’s Day Stuff….and more!

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Every year as Mother’s day rolls around I am hit with a mix of emotions.  Don’t get me wrong, I love being Mom!  I am happy and my kids are the light of my life…I enjoy them….everyday!

The push is my infertility peeps, those still struggling, ttc (trying to conceive) to build their families, to have another baby, and others who remain childless…not by choice.  A few are the same people who helped me through, that I’m still in contact with…others are all over the internet, and we’re meeting by chance.  A lot of them are hurting…emotionally scarred, and on what I call the infertility rollercoaster from hell.  Been there, done that!  So I know for them, Mother’s day is a painful reminder.  They are not alone.  The internet, FB, and Twitter were overrun with “infertility sucks” this weekend.  And who can blame them.  Lissa  Rankin’s post “For All The Childless Mommies” helped by talking about “you don’t have to conceive to be mommy” and I saw and responded to a tweet about how @OneDayMommy2Be (and I) “spent yrs on bc pills…WHAT a F*#$%^& joke” that was.  In reality, its no joke, and the pain is real.  I remember  it well.  And as much as time has passed and I am mom to 4 beautiful children, I will never forget the dark times of despair, the feeling of helplessness, the miscarriages, lost babies, or the vicious cycles….full of disappointment and loss.  So, if you are one of those who roll out of bed an ooops, I’m pregnant…again…thank your lucky stars!

Yes, my friends are happy for me….and they know that I “moved on” making the difficult decision to abandon hope and to instead adopt.  For me, having my biological mini me, may have made it easier, who knows.  That is their take, not mine!  Its a very personal decision.  Not one made lightly or in haste.  For me, the day I had to look through and pick a sperm donor, was it for me.  I found the perfect one….and within days thought WHAT am I doing???  This is crazy.  He is a stranger!  Who cares what the stupid doctor says!!!  And it all came full circle for me…the banter in your head that goes back and forth, and won’t stop.  Mine was saying, why not adopt one of the thousands of kids already on this planet?!  And so it began.  The adoption journey of a lifetime….and building our family.

As I celebrate with my kids and family today (and every Mother’s Day), there’s a part  of me that can’t help remembering where I came from…and how happy I am to be here….for there was  time I was thinking it would never happen.  And wanting this joy for everyone who has struggled.  That is that part of me wanting to share with my “infertility” friends….what a blessing all of this has been….and how adopting and/or fostering can change their lives forever.  But, there’s the other part of me that says its not my place….or any of my business.  If you know me, this is hard…lol!  However, I need to remind myself of where I was, what mindset I had, and the pain I felt…and that everybody has to move at their own pace, making decisions, and living their lives. 

I just hate to see them in pain, suffering through another Mother’s Day sans children, while there are so many kids in orphanages, and foster care, just waiting for families.  It seems like a no brainer….but it has to happen if/when its right for them.  Ironically, nobody ever talked to me about either of these options……NOT that I would have listened or considered them before my time was right!

So, with that, I will shut up….and say I had a fabulous Mother’s day!  I am blessed.  Sending hugs and Happy Mother’s Day greetings to my mom, all of my friends, my family, and my fellow foster & adoptive moms.  You rock! 

Hope next year our circle of amazing moms will grow even bigger!


Did you suffer from infertility?  Know anybody that did?  Do you know the emotional toll it can take on a person/couple?  Financial toll?  Have any advice for those suffering with infertility?  Or for me to help spread the message to others about the joy of adopting and how you don’t have to conceive to be mom?!  Or should I just keep quiet?!

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Foster Kids Forced To Shop Charity in Michigan

whose clothes are these?!

I am boiling……that’s what my FB status said the other night.  My friend Sunday’s tweet sent me reeling….and althought I have calmed (thank you Yvonne), and have had a few days to think it over, I am still dumbfounded by the irresponsible comments and suggestions made by Senator Bruce Caswell regarding Foster Kids…..which could inevitably affect foster kids everywhere! 

He wants the kids to ONLY be allowed to spend their (are you sitting down) $79 bucks a YEAR clothing allowance at a thrift store…like Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc.  This is ridiculous…on both accounts.  As a foster mother myself, I can tell you first hand that $79 is going to get you nowhere fast with a growing child, old used clothes or new!  I spent more than that in a month, sometimes a week!  Let’s be real.  And, IF a child wants to buy a new pair of shoes and a hoodie that all the other kids in school are wearing……so what….WHY not??? 

These kids have had plenty to deal with!  Aren’t they traumatized enough?  They now need this stigma too?!  Can we scream we don’t care and you don’t matter ANY louder?

And for those who think I don’t get it…I do.  I know you “save money and it goes farther” when you shop 2nd hand.  Been there, done that.  As a mother of 4, and a former foster mom, I get it.  However, that is NOT the point. 

Foster kids need to know they are valued.  They matter.  That we care!  What you, Caswell, are suggesting is doing the opposite.  You are sending a very bad and hurtful message.  This will NOT teach kids self value, self worth, or anything else – good.  Get real!  And, just because you never had anything new, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t either. 

Not to mention its a different world than it was when you were growing up in the 50’s.  And, lets not forget that depending on where you live and where you shop, the 2nd hand stores are going to have vastly different items available.  That is reality!  So, saying a child is going to find those new nike’s or that hoodie he/she wants is NOT reality.  Saying he/she shouldn’t be able to buy it new is absurd and insulting.  How about socks and underwear, should they share those too?!  Oh, please.  I would like to see you and your family wear ALL used 2nd hand clothes for a year….then we’ll talk.  Walk the walk Senator.  And while your at it, how about suggesting taking some of the money being spent on the Golf course a town away (for the rich), and putting it towards the clothing allowance for Foster kids, bringing them up to a whopping $100 a year?!  Just sayin…..

This is only one example of how broken the foster care system is AND how government has the ability to make or break a child…an innocent child!  As a people we need to stand up and speak for ALL foster kids, who have NO voice!  It is our responsibility.  We are their voice!  They are our future.  These kids need us, now! 

And, what better way than May, Foster Care Awareness month.  Please join me in making a big deal about this (for all Foster Kids)….call, write a letter, send an email…Senator Caswell can be reached here…or do a gift card drive….whatever you can do!  You know I have a big mouth, and can hardly contain myself when confronted with insanity…I mean stupidity….but with your voice we can be much louder!!!!  So, I am asking you to speak up!  I promise, together we can and do make a difference:) 

Let them hear us ROARRRRRRR….for ALL of the kids.

Thanks so much,


What do you think about the clothing allowance?  The Senator wanting to force clothing options?  How would you feel if you were told you could ONLY shop thrift?  How do you think your kids would feel?  How would it affect them emotionally?  Socially?  Do you believe it will impact Foster children?  In what way?!

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Self help dvds….books…tv…and going away to college!

Friday Night Lights is one of my favorite tv shows of all time.  I can’t tell you why, like many things in my life, but I’m hooked.  Was from the beginning and am going to be sad to see it come to an end this season.  I know I am not alone…come on guys!

Well, the other night I recorded it…having people to meet, places to go, and games to see…..ugh, the Rangers lost….don’t get me started.  So, to console myself, I watched it.  It was great as usual, but a few scenes had me thinking, reminiscing, and remembering what it was like to go away to college….and all the emotions that went with that day and the night before…came rushing back to me.  It was so strange..what a weird feeling.  Good thing my kids were all in bed sleeping…because it brought tears to my eyes.  I haven’t really thought about any of this stuff since I went thru it all, and having been a long time ago, I was really surprised to have such overwhelming feelings.  I remember the going away party the night before, who came (who didn’t) and the sleepless night anxiously awaiting to get on the plane in the morning.   I now realize that this day is burned into my memory…..with such a mix of emotions.  I was happy, sad, excited, scared, anxious, terrified, and heart broken.  Not a good way to start the day…or a school year…lol!  But, oddly enough, I think it’s all normal!  And, as sad as it may sound, like it or not, it’s part of growing up, becoming an adult.  It should be considered a rite of passage as you hear people talk about….with hype, glamour, enthusiasm and great expectations! 

Let’s be honest.  Leaving home is hard.  No matter what age.  If you’ve never done it…believe me…it is!  And if you have a child going away, I highly recommend you talk to someone who has been there.  Read a few books, get a dvd, or buy one for your child!  It will help you help your child prepare and be ready yourself.  Of course the experience is different for everyone and each person handles things in their own way.  Some may be less apprehensive, more excited, and want to GET OUT!  I was not one of those people.  I wanted to stay and go….lol!  Not having any friends who had gone away to college, it was unchartered territory for me and my family….and there was a huge learning curve.  Where were the self help books & dvds when I needed them?!  Or cell phones, laptops, skype…its so different these days!  I was so unprepared….lol!

Honestly, I was a mess sometimes during that first year.  This will be news to many…but yes, I had my moments.  Good and bad.  It had everything to do with missing….my friends, my family, and the guy!  Sometimes that was the worst…briefly talked about it in a previous post about staying connected….one of the hardest things I have ever done.  The ironic and funny part about it now, looking back, is that nobody knew.  At least I don’t believe they knew.  Well, my mom eventually did!  However, if you would have seen me or talked to me you would have thought ALL was well with the world.  Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t horrible.  I was ok.  I was functioning.  Perfectly normal, right?!  Not.  It didn’t feel normal…lol!  I was far from home…8 hours away by car… was really hard sometimes!  Who knew?!

BUT, through it all, I stood firm and did what I was raised and taught to do…suck it up…put one foot in front of the other, keep smiling,  moving forward…never looking back!  I think that is why I had that rush of emotions the other night…..YIKES, I looked back!  WHAT was I thinking?!?!  Ha, my uncle calls me stoic (should be my middle name)….and he is right.  But, I must be slipping!  Umm, well, I have to say I don’t think living that way was healthy….look at the emotions I never dealt with…can you say issues!  Again, I am not alone….and in very good company, this I am sure:)

In all seriousness, my wish is that anyone reading this post that has kids will take to heart and understand that just because your kids say they are happy, and talk the talk, does not mean they are totally prepared to walk the walk.  Pick up a book.  Have a conversation.  We are all different.  Ask questions, stay in tune, and let them know it’s ok to be nervous and scared…guiding them not shoving them out the door!  Encourage them to get out…to talk to people and make friends!  Maybe read a book or 2 about it before leaving.  And know that for me, saying nothing was a coping mechanism (one I hope my kids do not inheret)…so if you’re getting “nothing” as an answer…keep digging…deeper!

I am happy to report that I made it…woo-hoo…it was an awesome experience….I graduated, moved back home, and got a wonderful job and then….I got married, moved to a new state, changed jobs and did it all over again!  Crazy. 

That’s life,


Did you go away to college?  Move away?  Leave your family, friends, a loved one behind?  How did you cope?  What did you do to stay connected?  What advice do you have for kids going to college?  Their parents?

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Hockey tickets and home teams – a house divided – New York Rangers vs Washington Capitals Hockey

my team is going to win!

A house divided. That’s where I live today! Of course it could be worse, and over something serious…lol! As many of you know I am a New York Rangers Hockey fan, have been forever, but I live in Capital territory! Hold the BOO’s for later!

If you haven’t heard…we’re (both) in the playoffs! Yay! I am thrilled that Tampa beat Carolina and saved the NYR sending them to the playoffs…where they will meet and play the #1 team…the Washington Capitals! Yes, in full disclosure, moving here I have cheered for the Caps, and was a season ticket holder (before twins), but I never rooted for them over the Rangers! Never, ever! Always wear my Rangers jersey to the games, which at times can be very scary!! The hatred between these teams is unbelievable!!! Add alcohol, and its dangerous! We’re talking blood shed….and stitches! Ugly.

So, fast forward, and now the kids……being raised in Capsville going to games and riding the zamboni, naturally they are Caps fans….once I had to sit next to my daughter with her “go home Rangers” sign wearing my Rangers jersey (rofl). Yeah, that was the last time I encouraged freedom of speech by a minor…kidding! However, with my influence, I am happy to report, we have a few Rangers fans too. And my daughter is coming around as well…she will get there! They watch the games on NHL Center Ice with me so naturally they know the Let’s Go Rangers chant….and sing it very well I might add. However, when it’s the Caps vs Rangers, things get a little tricky. Umm, their dad, is not a Rangers fan. I never said he had good taste in teams, just in women:) But seriously, he’s a Sabres fan…lmao! Not even going there….but they are in the playoffs too! See, we’re transplants…supporting our local team, ever true to our home teams!

For this reason….this round of the playoffs will be interesting in our house. I am really looking forward to it personally! It will be fun, educational, and I for one really hope the Rangers win. To all my southern friends, be nice, I am not a traitor, I am a NYR fan…and you’ve always known it! And remember, the Rangers have won 3 of 4 over the Caps this season, so you never know, just sayin!

The funny thing is being so young, my kids won’t truly understand why we can’t root for both, and/or why I won’t give in….and so I think I can convince more to become Rangers fans! Woo-hoo. I have a mission and a plan….lol! Overall, it’s a great family bonding experience, and that’s going to be the best part! Getting them interested young. I am excited that my brother and his kids will also be rooting for the Rangers so I am not alone…and it will be the talk between the cousins ( started yesterday after we beat Jersey!) in the weeks to come. We’re all in this family adventure (and conversion) together! Isn’t that great:) Oh yeah, and we have plenty of friends back home who will rooting for them as well…we are connected. One big happy Rangers family!

The truth is, luckily, either way, we win….because no matter what team comes out on top (go Rangers!) some of us will be happy and move on to the next round…so that’s the icing on the cake! And my kids love cake, so when the Caps lose, I will make them a Rangers cake…lol! And if for some unfortunate, unforeseen reason the Rangers lose, then my kids can make me a Rangers cake…see a pattern here?! Oh, and yes, I will root for the caps IF I am forced to…

While we wait for the playoffs to begin on Wednesday, we will keep practicing our Let’s Go Rangers chant…and I’ll dig out all my Rangers paraphernalia! Yes, I have earrings…lol! Oh, this is going to be fun, fun, fun!

Let’s Go Rangers!


Do you have a special team you root for? Is it your “home” team? Do you believe encouraging kids in sports makes a difference? At what age do you think parents should start exposing kids to sports? Do you feel individual vs team sports matters?
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Family crests, family ancestry, or Justin Bieber….you decide!

My daughter heard me talking the other day about family motto’s.  I was chosen as Lou  Loves Learning’s Face Book Fan Friday and I was answering some questions about my personality, who inspires me, and my goals.  Of course she, being the kid who loves music and wishes the ipod could be permanently glued to her hand,  quickly focused on the songs I noted as our family motto.  She is no stranger to “We Are Family” but she was wondering why I was telling someone, and what it had to do with us…oh, and “whats a family motto mommy?!” 

She was curious and had many questions for me.  Do we have more mottos?  Do we need them?  Are they important?  What are they?  Who makes them up?  What was yours as a kid mommy?  Did grandma have one?  All of these questions, not so many answers…lol! 

Basically, I made it up kid.  We’ll not really.  I have always felt the song accurately described me, us, my family growing up, how I feel about many of my friends, our family now.  Just didn’t tell anyone, or make it official.  I am not alone I am sure, a million other people feel the same way too…lol!  However, my kids know these songs, know that I love to play them, and so in turn they do too!  Oh, so is this is how these things (motto’s) are passed along?!  I’m not really sure. 

Well, it got me thinking.  Do other families have mottos?  If so, what are they?  Are they discussed.  Do the kids know about them?  I don’t think I had an official family motto growing up (other than – mom is always right!).  Not aware of any of my friends having one either.  Then I started wondering if maybe they were subtle.  An unwritten rule.  Something an outsider wouldn’t know or wasn’t told.  Were the kids in the loop?  Did they even know?  I’m still wondering…and curious.  I need to ask my mom, sibling, and my friends to see what they say.

Wondering, I googled family mottos and wouldn’t you know it…lots of people have them (or so it appears!).  Sayings, quotes, songs, coats of arms, inside jokes, lots of things really.  Who knew?!  Not me.  Hmmm….do their kids know?! 

Having had some time to reflect on it, I think family motto’s are cool.  A way to bring people together.  Good for kids…gives them a common bond and something to hang onto…even when I am gone.  So I need to make sure my kids know about ours.  Its important to me…..and one day hopefully it will have meaning and be important to them!  I can only hope:)

And while I am sitting here typing, my daughter just asked me WHY don’t we have Justin Bieber’s – “Never Say Never” as our family motto?  I guess it means she “gets it”.  Yikes.  So, it looks like we’ll be adding one more….she’s lucky I am on the Bieber bandwagon, but that’s another whole post…..maybe someday soon!

In the meantime, we will be having fun singing and dancing….hope you do the same!


What do you think about family motto’s?  Do you have one?  What is it?  Do your kids know?  Do you think a motto is important?  How did you choose?  Did you have one growing up?

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Foster Care Month

everybody needs a suitcaseYay!  May is Foster Care month.  Your probably thinking, she must be delerious? Someone please tell her….it’s only March!  I know, I know.  I am not losing it….I’m just planning ahead.  Great things take time.  Planning, planning, planning….isn’t that what they say?  Or was that location, location, location?!  Umm, doesn’t matter.

And, when  you think about it, May isn’t that far away it turns out.  We have about 5 weeks!  Yup, that’s it!  Can you believe it?  Spring is actually going to arrive, and we will roll into summer before we know it.  If you are anything like me you’ll be wondering where did the time go?  Happens to me every year.  I try to plan ahead, remember the 4 kids, but as the school year is winding down, I am always amazed that my kids are a year older, summer is around the corner, and I am contemplating how am I going to keep them busy and amused:) 

See, this is why I am starting early.  Planning.  Preparing.  Getting the word out.  Bugging people (like you here).  Trying to say please  Get invloved! to anyone I know.  I’m thinking about what you and I can do for Foster Care Month – yes- in May!  The reality is that no matter how much time you have, a few minutes, hours, weeks, or more….there is something you can do be it big or small that will have a positive effect on the Foster Care system and/or life of a child in care….check out the change a life menu at the Foster Care change a life website where they give you tons of ideas!

Yup, there are many things you can do.  Just getting the word out about kids in need of caring homes – Kids avaiable for adoption here in the USA. Suggest ideas for drives, clothes, suitcases, baby items, anything really!  It doesn’t have to be about collecting items, it can be about getting the facts out there.  And, you know me, I’d me more than happy to supply you with plenty of those!  I might even make you a list…or if you follow me on twitter, all you have to do is retweet and spread the facts!  See, it can be that simple.

As I mentioned before (but something that stays with me) when a child is in Foster Care and is moved from home to home (which happens more often than we’d like to think) many times they are moving their things in garbage bags!  Can you imagine living out of a garbage bag?  I’ve recently learned (thanks Laurie) that there are a few agencies in some states trying to help change this.  However, not everwhere…that’s where WE come in…getting the word out, setting up the drives, finding active participants, and getting actual donations.  It isn’t always easy, but it is worth it!  Can I count on you to help?!  I hope so.

And, if your anything like me, here is just what you need…a challenge (to add to your already growing to do list).  I propose a challenge for you and/or your kids (you would be surprised at how quickly kids and schools jump on this) to contact your local CPS/DHS office to inquire and about what it is that they/the kids need and can accept….and then set up a drive, make a drop off, and/or volunteer to be the point person to be contacted.  Whatever it is.  Whatever it takes.  YOU can positiviely change the lives of children.  Teach your kids young that they have a voice and can use it to make a difference.  Together we can be the change all over the USA. 

Yes, its that simple.  I hope we can make a BIG difference this year!  Please join me on the journey…and let me know how it goes!  Send me pictures.  And, if you need help, don’t hesitate to let me know how I can help you…BE THE CHANGE.

As always, thanks for stopping by….and helping make a difference in the life of a child.

Its ALL about the kids!


Interested in learning how you can be the change?  Want to hold a drive?  Donate your time?  Services?  How can you be the change?

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