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Saying Goodbye To A Pet Is Never Easy

I lost my first baby, bandana boy, sooo sad.  The decision was hard.  And even though it may have been obvious, the loss of a pet is never easy.  I still remember the day I had to go back to NY to send … Continue reading

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Overload Protection…Not To Be Confused With Overdraft Protection!

These past few weeks had me on overload….doesn’t the universe know July is supposed to be an easy month?!?!  Guess not!   Does the Universe talk to you?  Well, it talks to me.  AND if you are not listening, it keeps on talking until you … Continue reading

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Find Friends Online And Make Your Old Friends Your New Friends…or NOT!

I’ve been on Facebook for a few years…..but it was hit or miss in the beginning, learning, and not knowing what I was doing…but I tried and now that I use it for work, family, & friends…’s everyday.  The best part … Continue reading

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Self help dvds….books…tv…and going away to college!

Friday Night Lights is one of my favorite tv shows of all time.  I can’t tell you why, like many things in my life, but I’m hooked.  Was from the beginning and am going to be sad to see it … Continue reading

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Hockey tickets and home teams – a house divided – New York Rangers vs Washington Capitals Hockey

A house divided. That’s where I live today! Of course it could be worse, and over something serious…lol! As many of you know I am a New York Rangers Hockey fan, have been forever, but I live in Capital territory! … Continue reading

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Family crests, family ancestry, or Justin Bieber….you decide!

My daughter heard me talking the other day about family motto’s.  I was chosen as Lou  Loves Learning’s Face Book Fan Friday and I was answering some questions about my personality, who inspires me, and my goals.  Of course she, being the kid who loves music and … Continue reading

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Good Parenting or Overly Obssesive?

A letter to a daughter…  Where’s the love?  On Valentine’s day, I stumbled upon a blog from a mother to her daughter.  I read it and thought that is was beautiful.  Then I read the comments and was irritated by many of them.  … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day – Worlds Apart

I met with an au pair and host family recently and left in tears.  That has never happened before!  Here was this young 19 year old guy who arrived in the states a few weeks ago, eager to improve his … Continue reading

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