A bit about me.  Rita Brennan Freay, a native New Yorker, who moved to  VA after getting married.  I am mom to 4 young children, 2 girls and twin boys.  Having  3 kids under the age of 5 keeps life interesting and busy.   Volunteering at my kids school is a part of life!  Adopting and being a foster mom changed my life forever.

I am passionate about kids, adoption, fostercare, and making a difference in the life of a child.  CareForKids.org asked to use an excerpt from one of my blogs about Fostercare, which is an honor and made my day, as it helps to spread the word.  It’s all about the kids!

People describe me as positive, funny, sassy, reliable, loving, nurturing, and kind.  I like to think of myself as enthusiastic, lively, and helpful….I will let you decide!

After putting myself through college, I began my career in NY at BMG a music distribution company.  It was great fun and a wonderful experience.  I had an encouraging first boss, met lots of famous people, and made lifelong friendships with colleagues.  Moving south, I continued my career with BMG, and eventually went back to school taking graduate courses, and getting Microsoft certified.  This led me to The George Washington University, and the Educational Technology Leadership masters program.  I loved my job at GW, interacting with students, assisting faculty with websites, and giving workshop presentations, I was in my glory.  And, the added bonus was my own continued learning!  However, while working full time, and having a pre-mature baby that local daycare wouldn’t accept, I was in desperate need of childcare which led me to Cultural Care Au Pair.  We hosted an au pair, and after September 11th Cultural Care contacted me about becoming the local coordinator in the area (umm, it may have had something to do with the “nice” letter I wrote about au pairs needing help after such a tragedy…as mine wanted to get on a plane home!).  After a few phone conversations and an interview….here I am 10 years later!  It’s a great company to work for.  Best of all it has given me the ability to work from home and raise my children.  It has been quite the journey.  Hosting 10 au pairs in my family, and meeting lots of young adults from around the world, has been life changing for all of us!

Continuing my love of learning and finding new ways to improve my life, my skills, and my community are how I spend my “free” time.  Recently I completed and graduated from the Social Networking Coaching Club, and a 30 day challenge, with Ann Evanston.  It was hard work but an eye opening experience for me as I have found my voice and the Warrior within!   Which led me to Lou Loves Learning where I was featured as Facebook Fan of the week which was great fun. 

Reading books, something I haven’t been able to enjoy as of much lately (remember the 4 kids), is something I miss, and high on my priority list this year!  I hope to read at least 3 of “my” books sitting on my desk….that would be a huge accomplishment, so I will keep you posted.

And, the beach is where I long to be, having grown up there, I miss the sound of the ocean and the sand on my feet.  Someday I will move back to the ocean, somewhere!  Until then, I will love, nurture and watch my kids grow, advocate for children, keep my ipod charged, and enjoy hockey games….let’s go Rangers!

It’s all about the journey…take the time, keep it fun, and remember what you do along the way makes a difference.


Rita Brennan Freay