Fantasy Football is not my thing……Do you play?


Football season is almost here!  The first Sunday night game will be the New York Jets against the Dallas Cowboys, in NY, brother against brother, twins, woo hoo!  Rex is feeling tremendous pressure to win this for NY, Septemeber 11 anniversary and all.  I hope he does!  But, I’d say no pressure, just have fun!  That’s because I don’t take it seriously enough so I am told, lol!  And the reason….because I  don’t play fantasy football…gag me, its just not my thing! 

My husband does, and wins, does that count?!  Me, I like the real deal.  Doesn’t mean I am not a fan, don’t like the game, or the parties, lol!  It doesn’t stop me from watching and rooting for our teams (yes, I say teams because we have a divided house and I have to play nice for the kids)….Go Jets and sometimes Go Redskins, hehehe!  BUT, I prefer GREEN…the color of money, that’s what I tell my kids!  

Writing this for my sister who will gag if she read this, as she is a BLUE fan…..and says Go Giants!  Doesn’t matter, its all fun and games….and we get to tease each other a bit…..well sometimes more than we’d like depending on how badly your team is in any given season.  Enough said.  BUT then again they are both NY teams….so I guess I shoudn’t complain.

I love that my kids are getting into sports, watching more, and are excited to take part in cheering the teams on….the young ones have NO idea who these teams are or where they are from…so its all good for them and the rest of us!  So for now, I will stick to watching on tv, fighting with my sister, and leave the fantasy football sites to my husband. 

Are you ready for some football?!??!


What’s your favorite team?  Favorite player?  Season tickets?  Gameday rituals?  Any good ideas on how to tease my sister, lol!

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The journey of a 1000 miles always ends with a dirty diaper. Headmaster of a self inflicted international preschool & visitor center compassionately changing kids lives, one diaper at a time.
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24 Responses to Fantasy Football is not my thing……Do you play?

  1. Well, I have no idea whatsoever fantasy football is! That being said, I don’t really want to know. I watch people get so incensed over regular football, some almost look like they are going to have a coronary! It’s a game!!! Read my lips: It’s a game! There is a lot more to life than getting upset over winning or losing a game. I just don’t get it. And how much do they make for playing these games? Don’t get me started!

    Julieanne Case
    Always from the heart!

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  2. Ok, Rita, funny but….. just not my idea of a fun Sunday. And when I think how much those players make a year, millions!!! for running a pigskin up and down a field while I work my ass off for not millions, I really don’t get it. But have fun anyway. I’ll just be here at my PC working on Sundays……. (do you feel sorry for me yet?)

    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      HAHAHA Laurie, you crack me up, lol! I am not that FANatic my crazy sister is lol so just think how bad it can be, hehehe…UGH, I hear you about the millions, I think they should take just a smidgeon of it and give it to me, to do good in the world…and you know just where I’d spend it….NO not at Nordstroms silly….on “ALL the kids”! Btw, yes, I feel sorry for you….an eensy teensy little bit….cause I will be online too….and am sure I will “see” you, somewhere, lol! Don’t work too hard, lmao:)

      • Beth Brennan-Brandenberg says:

        I AM a FANatic, but I enjoy it — as much as I love golf! So, we’ve got to have equal balance in our lives….and I want to have more enjoyment and fun than I do “have to-dos”! The have-to-dos will ALWAYS be there…so enjoy!!!

        • Rita Brennan Freay says:

          Oh so true….the “to-do’s”….are not so much fun, lol! I am all for equal balance! Working on finding it myself, hehehe!

  3. Beth Brennan-Brandenberg says:

    GOOOOOOOOO G-I-A-N-T-S!!!!! Go BLUE!!!!! Although, I will admit that Mark Sanchez is just a little bit cuter than Eli Manning! hehehehehee
    Yep, I’m the sister!!! OLDER sister to be more specific! So, where is the respect for your elders!!! hehehehehe. I, too, used to be a HUGE baseball fan — YANKEE fan — until that last strike caused me to ease up on that FANaticism. It wasn’t until the last 5 years or so that my zeal for football reached the status of FANaticism. Last year, I would not close on my new home the Wednesday before Thanksgiving unless I knew that Directv would be able to install the dish that Wednesday afternoon so that we would have football over the Thanksgiving weekend. In my house, while I’m singing my Go Giants, Go Giants, Go Giants chant, the love of my life is sweating over his team — the Oakland Raiders. The two of us are soooo involved in our football, that we plan to be in the house ALL day on Sundays to be in front of the t.v. — friends and family know our obsession, so they do not call or stop by. We even allow it to take away some very valuable golf time — and, if you know anything about us — well, that’s B-I-G!!! One thing Rita missed — THURSDAY (tomorrow) is the START of the football season! While I don’t understand one thing about fantasy football, I do participate in football pools. So, tomorrow I’ll be chanting, Go Green Bay, go Green Bay, go Green Bay. The phone SHOULD NOT ring and, unless you’re coming over to watch some football — don’t knock on my door! Go ahead….tease!!!! I’m a Brennan…..I can take it!! Love the post, Rita. It was a lot of fun ! :)

    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      Haha, thanks….glad you liked it. Baseball is great live, but painful to watch on tv, just not moving fast enough, and not enough action, yawn! fyi, I didn’t miss thursday, I didn’t care, lol!….I’ll be watching Sunday, when it matters, hehehe! Poor, poor Biceman… ya dude:) GOOOO GREEN!

  4. Not a football guy but I guess it must be fun. I just enjoyed the writing skill. Reallygreat!

  5. Football is pretty much off my radar! But I do have a vague sense of the football season around me and lots of rabid fans. I’m a baseball fan, and I’m always amazed when people don’t know it’s the postseason, so I know what it’s like to be on the other side. I think sports can be a wonderful connection within a family (in my family, you just had to be a Yankees fan!) and kids are really cute when they get involved but don’t really understand what it is they are involved with.

    So happy football season to you. I’ll be off somewhere on the sideline.

    Judy Stone-Goldman
    The Reflective Writer
    Personal-Professional Balance Through Writing

  6. Sounds like your family has a blast with the football season — that’s FANtastic! :)

    As a kid, we were a football family (spectators, not players) & had season tix to the Niners. Keep in mind, this was before the Niners’ glorious reign in the ’80’s — so we were fans when the team was pretty crappy. Then in 1980, dad decided to sell the tickets since us kids were readying for college —- big mistake! ’81 was the beginning of a great decade for 49er fans. I suppose college is a better choice than season tickets though… :)

    Fun post, Rita

    Heidi & Atticus
    “commentary to give you paws…”

    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      Ouch dad….but totally understand college comes first, lol! Rooting for the under-dog (pun intented;)….totally rocks, true fans!!

    • Adlah says:

      Ciara, I have followed your loelvy blog for months now and really enjoyed it. My husband convinced me to start one 2 weeks ago but much more ordinary than your fab one. Don’t have the same beautiful poetic flow of language you have! Found you thru homebug which I love too! Now that I finally have a blogger account felt I should tell you how i enjoyed your blog. We think along the same lines on many things so it struck a chord. Thanks Sinead.

  7. Pat Zahn says:

    Neither FF or real football are my thing…I think it can be a fun thing for a family to share.

  8. June Sockol says:

    Being from Canada, I prefer to watch Hockey & Soccer. Since I live in the Bay Area, we root for the Sharks. (But I’m also a Canuck fan ~ shhh it’s a secret 😉

    My hubby isn’t into sports except for Hockey. He was invited to join our neighborhood fantasy football team so it will be interesting to see how he does. My 2 kids are not into sports but sometimes Garrett will watch hockey with us.

    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      Yay, HOCKEY! Love it June….I much prefer hockey too:) I am a Rangers fan…..and sometimes a Caps fan…..since I’m right here, lol!

  9. very fun post! you know that we are ready! I am in my ladies only fantasy league and the boys are in a league with friends…..this makes it an easy “family time” activity — watch the games, check the scores, trade players, etc
    only thing left to say is “GO Steelers” — Rachel

    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      Ohhhh, a ladies league…hmmm, guess I better ask the girls?!? Thanks for the heads up Rachel….have fun with the kids….and thanks for stopping by:)

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