Overload Protection…Not To Be Confused With Overdraft Protection!

These past few weeks had me on overload….doesn’t the universe know July is supposed to be an easy month?!?!  Guess not!  

Does the Universe talk to you?  Well, it talks to me.  AND if you are not listening, it keeps on talking until you get the message…like it or not.  Oh, and it can take years, if your dense, stubborn, or hard headed like me….it’s gonna get you the message, somehow, beware….lol!  I wish I had an emotional overload protector, like a surge protector, for the difficult times….I really could have used it the past few weeks!!! 

Like when, my uncle posting, Rita, you were born an angel of roughness; how you remained so stoic and level headed has always awed me. (Stoic: a person who can endure pain or hardship without showing their feelings or complaining)  had me thinking about so many things…..and questioning my actions and life experiences.  There was one person who came to mind immediately when I read it.  Somebody I know I hurt with my actions and LACK of words & emotion….even though in the end I was REALLY hurting myself too!  Crazy stuff.  The good news is that he now knows I didn’t mean it, and that I am sorry….and I was able to let it go!  Yay, I finally broke the cycle….way out of my comfort zone, but happy to be there….never going back!

There were very hard death and dying conversations with family, about wills, living wills,  urns, and then a death in the “extended” family which made it all too REAL for me.  And all at the same time there were isp technical glitches, pc crashes, the hacking of the blog server which was handled by Host Monster (thank goodness) which were all trying on the nerves…and the poor guy in the parking lot….who was totally obnoxious and really pissed me off….and lucky he didn’t get the brunt of it all….I could barely contain the NY’er within…but had to hold my tongue (to spare the 3 year old with him)! 

Seemed like the emotional overload meltdown of the century….for many reasons I will not bore you with BUT I was left thinking what the #$^%?!  Do I have a KICK ME sign on my back?  Seriously…WHAT is the universe trying to tell me??!?!  I had to pull out my Louise Hay books….and get a grip!  It all made me think about overload….and how much is too much for us to handle….at one time?!?!  Yes, I’ve heard the saying that God doesn’t give you more than you can handle.  Not sure I like it anymore….lol!  I honestly could have dealt with overdrafting my account by thousands better than I was handling this emotional “stuff”…..besides, I have overdraft protection…lol!

Of course I can laugh about it now……but at the time, I could not stay focused, get out of my own way, or log onto my computer!!  Frustrating!  A big thank YOU to my friend Julieanne Case who caught on, reached out, chatted on FB,  twitter, and called me…we talked for hours!  It really helped a lot.  Sheila Thorpe, you made me laugh & smile from another continent and time zone, you rock!  MWAH, to both of you!!!  My SNCC tribe is amazing:)

The message from the Universe you ask?  For me it’s that I need to be honest with those I love, true to myself…and let it go!  None of which is easy for me!

Today I saw a post on FB that has me thinking again…….here’s an excerpt from Jolene’s post:  ‘ask yourself am I doing this out of love or fear, as this question will answer many answers you may be seeking in your life’. 

In the past I let FEAR interFERE….not anymore!  Who wants to live in fear????

Hope you are making decisions based on love….as I did this week.  It’s a really good feeling!

Light, Love and Hugs,


Does the Universe talk to you?  What are you hearing?  Any lessons learned?  Has Fear been a factor for you?  How had it affected your actions and decisions?

About Rita Brennan Freay

The journey of a 1000 miles always ends with a dirty diaper. Headmaster of a self inflicted international preschool & visitor center compassionately changing kids lives, one diaper at a time.
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55 Responses to Overload Protection…Not To Be Confused With Overdraft Protection!

  1. Fiona Stolze says:

    Fabulous post Rita. I can so relate to what you write hear. We all know that the universe doesn’t serve anything up for us that we can’t handle but when we’re sitting there in the thick of things, it can all seem just too much.

    I agree totally with the fear aspect. There are only two choices in life for me. I’m coming from a space of fear or love. You know totally when it ‘s love so the rest is automatically fear in all its guises.

    You’re so right. When we ignore the nudges, they just keep coming until we sit up and pay attention. Sounds like things have been rough, Rita, but it also sounds like you have a brilliant support system in the shape of all your buddies. And that’s what can make life taste so much sweeter in the long run.

    I think you’re doing a great job with everything. x

    Fiona Stolze
    Inspired Art and Living

    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      Aww, Fiona, I missed this post being away…sorry! Thanks for the kind words, and always encouraging me, it helps and is much appreciated:) I am trying to listen more and be open to what the universe is telling me…..even if I don’t like it! Yes, fear is a four letter word!! ttys:)

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  3. Julie Labes says:

    Rita i love this post. The universe is always talking to us, thoughts, ideas, memories are all the way in which it does it. sometimes it’s not that we are not listening, many times we just don’t realize that is is happening.

    Julie Labes: The Fun-Loving, Feisty, Fearless, Frisky, Fierce Over 50 Traveler

    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      Ah, thanks for trying to make me feel better Julie, lol! You’re right though, its a combination of not listening and not realizing…hoping to be better at both! btw, love your new pull statement!!!

  4. Hi Rita,
    Wow, what a time you had, and I’m glad it’s past. I think episodes like this seize us all from time to time, no matter how we safeguard ourselves. Best to do as you did: talk it through with sympathetic friends. You’ll come away with some amazing stories, maybe a few lessons, and a few much stronger friendships. And a refreshed perspective.

    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      HA Robbie, been safeguarding my whole life…which probably got me here to begin with…sadly to no avail…LOL! But, there is some comfort in knowing I am not alone, it happens to many, and I have great friends to get me through!

  5. Jillian says:

    Oh, yeah, the Universe talks to me. Last year about this time, I was totally ignoring all the messages it was handing me. I was sick all the time in a job I hated; nine day migraines, trips to the hospital, you name it. I finally listened when I fell backwards over a co-worker’s briefcase he had left behind me and I flew–LITERALLY FLEW–over it and slammed my head into a metal bracing around a plate glass window. Concussion…sprained ankle….whiplash…Thinking back, it was like a hand shoved me by the chest over the bag. Hand of the Universe? Possibly…

    So Rita, I am WITH YOU when you say you were getting messages but not *getting* messages. Opening up, asking yourself the fear vs. love question is a fabulous strategy. I was operating from fear by not leaving that job. While I had the three weeks off recuperating, I planned my exit strategy and never looked back. xoxo

    Jillian Todd Portrait Couture

    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      OMG Jillian…..glad you are ok and found your way out of it all! Damn, what a push! Funny (and sad) how working from fear really screws us up…..seriously! I am so happy its behind me….so freeing:) I have made the conscious decision to make better choices for me from love, and not fear. Not sayin’ its going to be easy….but working on it!

  6. Brenda Jones says:

    Love your writing! When it rains, it pours. I sometimes wonder if we subconsciously challenge the universe in those situations by thinking “it can’t possibly get worse” as so many of us do. And I love your idea of “fear” “interfering.” I have so many things that I want to do, but fear is getting the best of me. I love the quote about love vs. fear. It makes it so much clearer!

    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      Thanks Brenda:) You are not kidding…it was a torrential downpour!!! Oooh, and there may be some truth to “the challenge”….yikes! I love Jolene’s quote too…and it appeared on just the right day, funny how the universe works…lol!

  7. Wow, that was a ride, Rita! I can imagine what it must have been like to be inside it.
    I can relate and in fact, have come to believe that “meltdowns” are part of the process of life, a way to download a lot of stored up stuff that hasn’t had a chance to be processed or purged. No, they aren’t fun or pretty, but they are helping us move through things and when we can “release” and the ask the kind of questions you have, it all serves the purpose of bringing us closer to our own truth, our own core. You not only lived to blog about it, but obviously got reconnected with yourself.

    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      Ahh Maridel, it was difficult….but love what you said about reconnecting with myself…in hindsight, I think that is what it was about. And downloading was good too, hahaha!! Thanks:)

  8. “For me it’s that I need to be honest with those I love, true to myself…and let it go!”

    How often do we find ourselves lying to ourselves and putting ourselves behind everyone else! I love the message in your post – be true to yourself. We all need to stop hiding behind some of lies that we feel are protective. Glad that July is behind you and August can only get better!

  9. Lisa Vitale says:

    My heart goes out to you my dear. Oh so true: stressful events comes in clusters; things happen for a reason, and that reason may be years in the making; don’t stress what we can’t change or control. Yes, all cliche, and cliche exist for a reason.

    I’m so glad to hear that you received some support during this trying time, and that you can laugh about it now, that’s healthy.

    The universe has been speaking to me a lot lately too, and it’s telling my family that we need to make some changes, that we’ve become complaisant and have put too much weight on things that are not important. Very hard lessons to learn and changes to make, but we’re up for the challenge, I think.

    The best to you and I hope this cluster is over and that you have a break before the next one. :-)

    Lisa Vitale

    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      A break would be nice…lol! Not looking for the next round….but it will come…regardless! And I’ll be prepared…just need to listen more. I am sure mine was years in the making….it went back many, many years!!! Anyway, I hope your new changes go well…at least your listening!!! I am learning, hahaha! Thanks for checking on me:) Hope the twins are doing well and enjoying the summer!

    • Stephanie says:

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  10. Focusing on the ‘present’ and ‘gratitude’ is a great way to combat overload. Thanks for sharing your story.

    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      Honestly going thru it…I couldn’t…but now I can! Thanks Alicia:)

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  11. Pat Zahn says:

    So sorry you were dealing with so much at once – but it often seems to be that way… Glad you came out the other side and were able to do what you needed to do to feel better. When I read this I thought about my husband having a meltdown at JFK a couple days ago. We landed in plenty of time for our connection, but had to sit for awhile on the runway since our gate was occupied. He started stressing out that we’d miss our next flight. I often wish I could just make him find ways to relax – ah, but that is his journey. As for me, I’m stubborn enough to ignore the universe sometimes, but I’ve long trusted my instincts and intuitions and what is that but being cued into the rumblings?

    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      Hahaha, I am stubborn too…I think I fall somewhere between you and your husband…waiting on the runway would agitate me, but the reality is that I have no control over it! Some things you have to let go….and I sure could relax more…lol! Thanks for stopping by and saying hi…hope you had a great trip Pat!!!

  12. Oh Rita – sending you much love and a big hug. You have such a big heart and do so much good in this world that I hate to think of you hurting. Knee-jerk reaction is to want to remove any pain and yet, what kind of world is that? Not one I’ve experienced…LOL! Yes, the Universe speaks very loudly to me and if I don’t listen – it just gets louder!
    Brandy :-)

    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      VERY loud Brandy…hahaha! I know its true, what kind of world would it be…I can dream…lol! Thanks for the love and hugs my friend:)

  13. Wow, Rita, you must have been going through all this while I was on vacation or dealing with my own drama. I’m so sorry I wasn’t there for you! I so understand. And yes, the universe speaks to me. I call it intuition. It took me a long time to connect to it and longer to listen to it. I learned the hard way that better to listen than not! :-) Today, when I let myself slow down and really listen to that intuition, it never leads me astray. Thank you so much for the reminder. I hope I can be there for you when you need me!

    Love you.

    Susan Berland
    A Picture’s Worth

    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      No worries Susan…I did miss you though:) It was a difficult week, but I am pretty good now, getting there…lol! I have to learn to listen more..a few more weeks like this and I should be fine tuned…lol! I really appreciate your support…..love you!

    • Wajahat says:

      Like it will never go away and I can’t see myself liivng a normal life with a normal job. And then i got depressed by that and now i just started on medication. And it just feels like I’m the only one in the hole world that is feeling that way, even though i know I’m not alone.(Sorry if my english is a little of)But really Go talk to somebody, a psychologist or something. It really helps just to get it out!!

  14. Donna McCord says:

    Oh, Rita, I don’t know what it is but it seems as though things like this tend to happen in clusters; as though there is something in the atmosphere that decides Let’s get all the bad stuff over with at once! Talk about testing of our faith, our sanity, our patience! It is so powerful to recognize when we are responding to events out of fear rather than out of love, and I too have learned that focusing on our hearts and responding from there rather than from our heads and our egos will always bring about a better result. How wonderful that you were surrounded by people who were able to support you and refocus you and help you heal…a real blessing! And I see God’s Hand in that — He does know when we are at that point of “more than we can handle” and that is always when He provides what we need. I am happy that you survived and also that you chose to make decisions based on love and have shared your experiences and wisdom with us! Blessings to you!

    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      Thanks Donna, I am blessed! It wasn’t until half way thru that it hit me WOW, how good is it that it’s all happening at the same time….which equals less heartache (somehow in my book)…lol! God does provide…and give us what we need!

  15. Oh, Rita, Rita, Rita. Are we sistahs from a different mistah? Our lives seem to mirror each others and you totally stole my blog topic from me! It’s so hard when nothing seems to go right – NOTHING! But, I truly believe it it the Universe’s way of telling us something. Slow down, don’t take oneself so seriously, don’t take comments by others personally, etc, etc, etc. Most importantly, at least for me, be true to yourself and trust your intuition. I am sorry you had a bad week but I am very happy your virtual friends hung in there with you. That is priceless and a very good sign from the Universe. Would you not agree?!

    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      OH, yeah, I do agree Sistah! I am also amazed by it…and to think a year ago I wouldn’t have had my virtual tribe…or my sistah from a different mistah…a sign for sure!!! So happy…thank you!!!

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  16. What a July for you! So glad you’ve come out the other end to write and laugh and reflect. I do, indeed, believe we get messages. The deepest parts of ourselves connect with the greater energy, and we have all sorts of signals and symptoms and intuitions and messages.

    It’s easy to think the overload indicate something being wrong, but it’s sometimes just what “is.” We are never promised continual serenity, only that there is a way out of the chaos and overload. In fact, sometimes the message of the overload is that we do need to retreat, to find that place of quiet, to give to ourselves the exact opposite of what the universe seems to be sending.

    Welcome back! May August bring a different kind of message to you!

    Judy Stone-Goldman
    The Reflective Writer
    “Word maven loves–and learns from–ordinary life.”

    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      Aww, thanks Judy! SO many messages, signals, and intuition…I’ve gotta learn to read it better! Love your thought about needing the opposite of what’s being sent to us…I have to remember that!!! Thanks:)

  17. Trish says:

    Rita, It does seem as if the universe sends a lot of messages — and sometimes they come all at once (maybe especially so for us hard-headed ones)! :-) Tackling problems through a place of love and not fear is a wonderful reminder. Something else that has helped me is coming from a place of “yes” instead of rejecting a new idea or project (or relationship or request). I remind myself to say “yes” instead of “no” even if my initial reaction is “it can’t be done ” or “no &!#$ way!” Of course, I have to set boundaries but I have found less conflict if I approach things in a more positive and open way (with love, in essence). Thanks for sharing your July — I hope August is a bit less overwhelming for you.

    caregiving. family. advocacy.

    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      Funny, I don’t mind the messages (when I hear them) it is the all at once…that gets me, lol! I love what you said about saying yes, and setting boundaries..I will think about that and how it can help me going forward. Thanks!!!

  18. Hi Rita,

    I get messages all the time, it’s my little voices in my head.. But sometimes, it is really quiet and that’s when I get nervous! Luckily, this doesn’t happen too often. Learning to understand the messages is not easy sometimes. Often we know exactly what to do but too often we don’t understand what they are trying to tell us.

    I love Heidi’s comment, “rebooting”, using some quiet time to find back and get out of the dark place of fear. Sending you love Rita,

    Franziska San Pedro
    The Abstract Impressionist Artress

    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      Thanks Franziska! Yes, I think my issue is that I ignored those voices for so long…and I am trying to live true to me…not “the right thing” which is a hard switch! It’s funny how quiet makes most of us nervous…lol! I loved Heidi’s comment too…really puts it into perspective for me!

  19. Darcie Newton says:

    I’ve been in the ‘overload’ mode more times than I care to admit…but lately it seems that staying focused on the important stuff (family, friends, health and good food (haha)) allows me to dismiss the other stuff more easily. I had a big ‘aha’ moment recently and will be sharing in a new blog soon.

    There certainly is a calm peace that comes with approaching things with love and not from fear.


    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      Ha, wish I knew then what I know now…lol! Yes, the calm peace is really nice…when I get over the fear…even with those I love dearly. Can’t wait to hear about your aha moment!!!

  20. Michelle says:

    and DON’T get me started on misreading signs…! lol

    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      HAHAHA, omgosh! Thanks for making me laugh so hard, its a great start to the day!!! btw, I need the expanded signs interpretation guide myself…lol!

  21. Michelle says:

    Great post, Rit! Yeah, the universe talks to me; it’s STILL talking. I don’t think one EVER fully “gets” this, but some of us eventually learn to listen more quickly…. EVENTUALLY! Sometimes I pray to God to teach me the lesson, already, so I can move on.

    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      Thanks Michelle, me too! I am not sure I always get it…rofl! And, if I learned to listen better (more quickly) it may save me some heartache:) As you said…eventually…hehehe…you know me so well…love you!!

  22. Tough lessons learned, Rita, but you are absolutely correct — if we are not coming from a place of love, we are coming from a place of fear.

    I have felt that “overloaded” feeling too many times, but at least I recognize it now and have my own remedy — basically self-imposed hibernation to reboot. It’s so critical for me to take these “time outs” periodically to regain perspective (and energy!).

    Yes, I agree that the Universe (Source, whatever you want to call it) is always sending signals (intuition?). the question is, do we receive those messages with grace or reject them (and get overloaded)?

    Heidi & Atticus
    “commentary to give you paws…”

    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      It’s great to hear I am not alone in my receiving “messages”…or my inclination to hibernate, which is my knee jerk reaction and I do it so well:) I like your analogy of rebooting, because like my laptop/isp that is exactly what was needed…time….I was rebooting…hehehe! Love it:) Thank you Heidi & Atticus…you made my day, and I can now look at this in a different light….thanks!!!

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