Kindergarten snack ideas were the last thing on my mind!

First day of school!

Yay, we’re back to school today!  Hurricane Irene wasn’t going to stop us!  It is a milestone, one I have to admit I wasn’t sure we’d make with all that has gone on.  All my kids cared about were the snacks, and the backpacks!  I have to say, kindergarten snack ideas were the LAST thing on my mind!  Can you say stress?  We made it!  Thru an earthquake, a hurricane, and now the first day of school!  We’re here…..we’ve arrived.  Yay!

It was an early start, busy time, and an emotional rollercoaster for everybody.  One was excited, one was staying home, one had a sick stomach, and the last only cared about the snacks! lol!  Needless to say, somehow we made it out the door, to school, supplies in hand….and we were on time!  Got to take our annual picture at the school sign, along with the rest of the 400 kids, eeeek!

Dropping off at middle school was thankfully less eventful than I thought, considering the drama that led up to it.  I am so proud of her!!!  Heading over to Kindergarten with 3 little ones, people pointing, smiling, and saying I was thinking about you this morning….”how did you get 4 kids out the door on time?” made me laugh….if they only knew the drama, lol! 

As I entered the building I saw a few friends and welcoming faces, they hugged me and I started to lose it.  Crap I was beginning to crumble.  We can’t have that!  I was doing so well keeping it all together, maintaining composure, and keeping strong for the kids, that’s what moms do, right?!  That is how I have lived my life!  So, I had to push on, keep moving, telling the kids to go, go, go…..let’s find your classroom with all the toys and the palm tree!  And so we went.

Then came Aunt Bert….someone who has been there since the beginning, someone who knows me, knows the story, knows my kids, and knows just how much this day means to me.  She started welling up, tears coming, and I could barely keep it together….BUT we had to push on.  Kindgergarten was waiting for us.  We got to the class, and as Aunt Bert said, this is a big day….this is a great day.  Knowing she is right, I smiled, and said we have been waiting for this day, for a very long time!  I am so grateful we are here, and we made it! 

Most of you may not know my whole story, but you know that I have a special place in my heart for adoptive and foster kids….and today it really hit home for me.  This is what is as all  about.  Makes  me want to  do so much more for them.  Thinking about how many of them are starting school off, without a loving family to support them.  Seeing all the parents with the kids, the cameras, the hugs, the crying, the LOVE.  It is all the kids want….to be loved and cared for….and today we were doing that.  

On pick up from school, they told me all about snack, who ate what, what containers there were, it was all about food.  Its funny, in preschool they didn’t have choices and so we never talked about it.  But now, they wanted to tell me about snack ideas for tomorrow, lol!  Carrots, peanut butter, popcorn, grapes, the list went on and on!  I didn’t care about snack, I wanted to know how it all went!!!  But they had other ideas, showing me their sparkly I survived metals/neckalces.  Very cute….now get to the important stuff, lol!  Did you have a good  day?  I got different answers…..and the one I liked the best was “today was incredible.”  All I could was smile and think….it doesn’t get much better than this!  Really!  Life is good…especially in Kindergarten!  We’re going to complete our First day of  Kindergarten activities….and have fun!  

Gratefully, we had our first day of school moms coffee, so I met some friends at Panera after drop  off and the biggest question they (and the school staff) had is what are you going to do with all your free time?  Honestly, I am not entirely sure, but I am looking forward to some ME time, and going to the potty by myself, lol!

Enjoy the time with kids and loved ones, it goes by so fast……hoping your back to school is as great as mine…..even though there were mixed feelings and plenty to tears for me (ALL mine!). 

Going to go and make a list of kindergarten snack ideas and start packing for tomorrow….fingers crossed that day 2 goes as smoothly!!!


How was your first day of school?  Was it an emotional day?  Do your kids have snack, is it still a big deal?  Any fun ideas on what to send for snack?

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The journey of a 1000 miles always ends with a dirty diaper. Headmaster of a self inflicted international preschool & visitor center compassionately changing kids lives, one diaper at a time.
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35 Responses to Kindergarten snack ideas were the last thing on my mind!

  1. First day of school. I don’t have the experience of sending kids to first day, but I do remember mine. I couldn’t wait for school to start so I could go learn to read. We didn’t bring our own snacks in those days (the stone age) so it was milk and cookies just before nap time. Love the snack ideas your troop brought home and that they were so excited about it all. May the rest of the school year be as happy for all concerned.

  2. Love the fact that your kids were more interested in snacks! Looks like you’ve got a few foodies on your hands :) I’m sure as they make new friends, activities and fun games will interest them more. Congrats! I’m sure you are an amazing mom. Enjoy your new found ‘free time’.

  3. I was avoiding this post … it made me cry … our fist day was not as ‘successful’. I am impressed with myself for not crying in front of her while she was melting down and not letting go of me even after ALL the other kids were happily, calmly walking into the class. I stayed positive and used my excited voice even! So proud of myself!!!! And truly proud of her as well. When I picked her up she was all smiles, proudly waving at me until she was released to go to the gate. And her teacher said she was fine as soon as class started and had a great day! RELIEF!!!! but I know drop-off will continue to be a struggle for us .. it has been for the last 2 1/2 years in preschool as well off and on:( I’m sure it is me and she’ll tell her therapist why in 10-15 years!!!!
    Snack ideas — this is a struggle for me as I’m SO used to sending dinner leftovers that needed heated. They only have 10 minutes … TEN MINUTES … to eat their snack. SO I’m thinking:
    Bagel/cream cheese
    Danimal yogurt smoothies (No HFCS;)
    carrots and ranch
    fruit in season or apples, grapes
    string cheese
    cheese or turkey cheese 1/2 sandwich
    TJs fruit leathers
    couple of mini muffins
    pumpkin/zuchinni bread
    I still have one left to get through the 1st day of Kinder … and maybe more if you have your way;)
    Yvonne Elm Hall

  4. I don’t have kids yet, but the theme for all moms seems to be what to do with all of new found ‘free time’ as their kids go back to school. So cute that your children’s focus was on the snacks! Not about what they did or friends they made, I think you have foodies in the making…

  5. Rita you had me along for the ride, picturing it all. Such a blessing and a joy to see the kids happy with life and being at school. I am sad I dont get to be a mom with a child in school anymore. My daughter is off to college. Living away from me. I try not to think about it too much. It all goes so fast. Enjoy your free time and the joy the kids share.

    Jennifer Duchene
    The Home Makeover Mixtress blending lifestyle, laughter and Chic Cocoons™

  6. Pat Zahn says:

    What a wonderful milestone for you and your family! My daughter (only child) is a senior in high school this year. I did not get emotional, but I made her and her carpool buddy tear up in giving them a hard time. Lunch is a little challenging this year since my daughter became a Pescetarian over the summer. I remember my daughter’s first day of Kinder – that was very stressful for me (very long story) – you can’t imagine the relief I felt when I picked her up and she was so excited to tell me about her 1st day. BTW, I’d love it if you went to my facebook page and posted the “from behind” pic of your little ones – it is one of my fav types of pix – there is so much story and sweetness in them.

    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      Oh, you made them cry….nice, lol! It is such a relief to know they didn’t cry and “they made it”… know exactly how I was feeling yesterday:) Relieved. I will post the picture….it is one of my favorite types as well…I try to get them whenever I can:)

  7. Hi Rita,
    You tell a story so well!

    Congratulations on reaching your landmark day in such fine fashion. I’m sure the following days will be smoother because the first went so nicely.

    Who knows what will be the most important thing on someone’s mind? For a little kid, it’s probably snacks and treats. But not always.

    My favorite “kindergarten” story: I was in maybe the third grade, walking home from school. Three kindergarteners were walking ahead of me, talking about their day in school, and one said “Work, work, work! That’s all we do all day. Work, work, work! First it’s story time, then it’s coloring time, then it’s recess, then it’s nap time, then it’s cookies and milk, then it’s…”

    I could go for a little more of that these days. Now you have YOUR opportunity.


    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      That is hysterical Robbie!! Work, work, work……love it! If they only knew, lol! Yes, I could go for a little more of recess, coloring, nap, cookies…..and I just might, hehehe! Glad you liked my story:)

  8. Oh, Rita it’s been so long since my kids started school I honestly don’t remember! But I really enjoyed reading about yours. I wish I had a story like that about my grandsons’ first day of kindergarten. I got pictures but no stories. :(

    Hope you saved this one as a keepsake to go with that first day of school picture. It will bring back memories for years to come.

    Susan Berland
    A Picture’s Worth

    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      Yes Susan, I will print it and keep it with the scrapbook…and will write the rest for sure! Thanks for the tip:)

  9. Rita,
    Sounds like quite the adventure and the LOVE just pours out of your post, they are lucky kids. Although I don’t have kids myself most of my clients have kids and I know it is a big transition to get the kids back into the school routine. Now, my clients will return to their routine of self care and regularly coming to yoga class. :-) I hope you will take time to nurture yourself too!
    Blessings of health,
    chris arcucci
    Who says a woman can’t cultivate her super powers in a dress?!

    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      I need to get back to more ME time…..its so easy to get caught up in the swing of things that you forget or get pushed to the back burner. Not anymore:) Looking forward to joining you on your meditation journey!!!

  10. What a big heart, those kids are so lucky. Isn’t it funny whats important to a kindergartner. Snacks, I think some things will never change, I loved snacks. Leave it up to the parents to worry so much about how the whole day went and focus on what may have gone right or wrong for that matter, instead of remembering every thing we learned in Kindergarten. Oh to see through a child’s eyes if only the world could. This reminds me of a poster my wife and I used to have. It listed every thing we learn in kindergarten and that is all we really need to know in life. So cute. Thanks for the reminder Rita.

    Kirk Zacharda
    “Being fit mind body spirit”

    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      Seriously wish I could still see thru the eyes of a kid…wouldn’t that be great!!! Funny, a friend of mine posted on fb about that book….and now I want that poster too:) Its all about the snacks for now.

  11. Wow, what an amazing and loving woman you are! You and your kids are both extremely lucky. No kids to send off to school but it was fun reading about yours! Remember to avoid microwaved popcorn. It is loaded with toxins. If they truly want popcorn, do it the old fashioned way and pop it yourself! Much healthier for all! It good to hear them asking for some healthy treats.

    Julieanne Case
    Always from the heart!

    Reconnecting you to your essence, joy, vitality, youth.| Healing you from the Inside Out |Reconnective Healing | AgeLoc Skin Care | Pharmanex Supplements

    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      Aww thanks Julieanne:) I am blessed that is for sure! Umm, had no idea about the microwave popcorn…eeek! Thanks for the heads up:)

  12. Brenda Jones says:

    Loved this entire post! Hubby doesn’t know, but when we’re done adding our own to the family, I’d love to foster. I love little squishy babies, so I’ve considered doing the temporary infant care, but not sure how to get in to that.

    We’re not in kinder yet, but ready to start preschool. She actually started this summer, but it was only a few days, so we just called it “camp.” I wasn’t ready for her to start “school” yet. We’ll cross that bridge next week. We don’t get to pack snacks, but I do get to do lunches. I’m still adding to what she can take. I’m not and never have been a “packed lunch” kind of person. I always bought lunch.

    Now I’m excited to learn some of the “bento box” lunch ideas. I bought the molds for hard boiled eggs and still need to get the silicone baking cups and mini veggie “cookie” cutters.

    I’m looking forward to the “me” time. I’d planned to use that time to work, but I’m taking two of the mornings and going to Zumba and the third we have our free chat with Ann. I did enroll her for full day in case I want to take a meeting or need a little more time to get something done. “Preschool” hours end in the middle of the scheduled lunch time, so I’ll probably let her stay through lunch with her friends and grab her before nap most days.

    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      You’ve got great plans! Preschool is wonderful, and you’ll have some time for you….best of both worlds:) Enjoy! I can tell you that there is a way for you to take care of babies, even if it is just for emergency care (30 days)…..they are ALWAYS looking for foster/emergency placements homes….it is a blessing to all involved. I loved it!!!

  13. The new school year never loses its mood and flavor for me! I remember nursery school (the drama and trauma of separation) and kindergarten (just a few tears for effect). I loved school beyond words – best thing that ever happened to me! – so I get very excited about the first day of school.

    Today my grandson starts his preschool, so it’s a big day in our family, too (although I’m not in the same city as he). I made him a book to help prepare him (and his mother!, telling the story of his first day and how exciting it is to go, the toys, saying good bye to mom, having a great time, etc. I know he’ll probably go through some tears, but I also know there’s a wonderful adventure waiting for him at school.

    Congratulations on getting those kids up and out!

    Judy Stone-Goldman
    The Reflective Writer
    Personal-Professional Balance Through Writing

    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      Thanks! It wasn’t easy, but we made it:) I love the idea of a book….we have the normal first day of kindergarten books that are out there..but really like the idea of home made version, specifically for him! How did they make out? How is mom doing?!?! Hope all went well:)

  14. Oh there’s always one post a week on Blogger Monday that makes me cry and this is the one this week. I remember my little ones starting school and the photos and me being more worried than them. Both of mine started off brilliantly and then hated it after a couple of weeks and I had to deal with leaving crying, clinging kids for most of their first years :( But yes, the snacks were all important. This year my eldest started Junior High and my youngest started Middle school (we have a weird system here) and neither even wanted a ride to school on the first day, they couldn’t wait to get on the bus. My eldest did let me walk her to the bus stop at 6.45am – but only on the first day. The youngets walks to the bus stop with a friend who lives across from us so she wouldn’t even let me do that. I’m proud that my girls are so independent now but a teeny bit of me misses those clinging to mum days…. I am now going to send thoughts out to those poor kids in care.
    Louise Edington
    Breaking Through Online Frontiers

    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      Sorry about the tears……I was with you if thats any consolation:) Sounds like you have your fair share of changes and new school things going on as well…it is all exciting and can be emotional. Glad there aren’t any crying kids in either of our homes, at least for now, lol! Fingers crossed:)

  15. I had to laugh at Laurie’s comment – I spent the first 6 months of preschool going with Bella everyday until she (and I) felt comfortable -LOL! I posted on FB last week because the first day of 3rd grade was very traumatic in this house. Luckily, every day since has been a breeze – BIG sigh of relief! Thank you for your post Rita – I totally get the feeling. How you were able to get everyone out the house is a marvel to me as I only have one! :-) Brandy

  16. I was in your shoes eleven years ago with my oldest – I was a wreck, but all she cared about was the bus ride with her best friend, Emily. Then I went through it again eight years ago with the youngest when I refused to let her loose in Kindergarten without an aide since she spoke absolutely no English. Attended Kindergarten myself that year for six weeks. Boy were the other mother mad at me, but that’s how it goes when you have an adopted kid who has never been socialized.
    Last Wednesday was day one here – now a junior in high school, flying out the door driving herself with nary a peck on the cheek (I had to follow her with my video camera). The eighth grader was only worried about her hair looked. So it does get better. Pat yourself on the back for getting the gang to the point of independence and go and read my blog – 10 tips for mompreneurs when the kiddos are gone all day!

    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      Yikes, you did 6 weeks in Kindy…and I know why! I can’t imagine having to send my daughter when she first arrived, with no language skills! You are such a great mom! I had to laugh about the hair, as mine asked me 15x this morning about if she should wear it up or down….and come to think of it she didn’t kiss me goodbye when we got into the building:( Oh no… I will be reading your blog next….I really need to get a life, lol!

  17. What a heartfelt story. I can feel the love you have for your children. What an exciting day, and wow who knew a snack could have such an impact?

  18. Tanya Boggs says:

    Mine started high school this year! Feels as bittersweet as kindergarten really. Makes me a little sad that she’s not that little one anymore. Although I am enjoying all the amazing benefits and new territories that comes with growing up. But even in High School, it’s still about the snacks ;)… making sure they have enough things they’ll eat and enjoy eating! It’s those small gestures that let’s them know we love them.

    As for snack ideas: Peanut butter in celery (with raisins makes “bugs on a log”). Cream Cheese with celery is good too. And cheese sticks are always a GREAT standby (I grab them myself in a pinch!)

    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      Aww, high school, can’t imagine! Hugs Tanya:) It’s good to hear it is all about the snacks….guess I better get with the program!!! Love your ideas…and will add them to the list. Thanks for stopping by!

  19. Sending a teenager off to high school is no different for a parent than the first day of kindergarten…at least it wasn’t for this mom. We are more organized this year…I think because we have two different start times now (7:55 for high school and 8:25 for elementary).

    You make such a poignant point about seeing all the parents with their cameras and the attention lavished on their kids and then when you think of the kids in foster care that don’t typically get that…it breaks my heart.

    Thanks for keeping the spotlight on this important issue.

    Devoted to finding all things delicious.

    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      Breaks my heart too Darcie! I agree totally, sending a child off to high school is the same….maybe even more emotional!!! I am not prepared for that in a few years:( Yikes!

  20. No first day of school, Rita, but this post made me laugh and weep at the same time. Snacks aside, (although I am impressed by the choices they are making—no Twix? Kisses? oreos?) you are an inspiration and I think what you are doing with your passion about fostering changes the world. One little person at a time. I remember from my fist day the smell of new reams of paper, the first sharpened pencil, the scary first intro to the Teacher and yes, the snacks (recess) with 2 cookies and a carton of milk (which I always gave away). I feel tyhe excitement and possibility because of your post. Thank you!

    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      Haha, healthy for now…I just hope we continue on this path….you know as they get older and wiser, they see lots more around them! I remember the first day of school too, the excitement and being scared…and then the nightmare bus ride….burned into memory. It really wasn’t all that bad. Thanks for commenting, and sharing your story with me….made me remember mine!

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