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Kindergarten snack ideas were the last thing on my mind!

Yay, we’re back to school today!  Hurricane Irene wasn’t going to stop us!  It is a milestone, one I have to admit I wasn’t sure we’d make with all that has gone on.  All my kids cared about were the … Continue reading

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Earthquake safety and hurricane preparations, WHO pissed off Mother Nature?

Did I feel the earth move…under my feet?!  Wait, was that an Earthquake?  Holy crap, yes, it was!  Seroiusly, and sadly, I wasn’t sure….and neither were any of my neighbors!  When you live in earthquake zones you expect earthquakes.  When … Continue reading

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Back To School Supplies….Not Just For Your Kids!

Who loves back to school shopping?  I don’t…lol!  BUT, I do love that Staples commercial….you know the one I’m talking about where the dad is skipping down the aisles so happy…..the kids will be back in school soon!  It’s literally … Continue reading

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Overload Protection…Not To Be Confused With Overdraft Protection!

These past few weeks had me on overload….doesn’t the universe know July is supposed to be an easy month?!?!  Guess not!   Does the Universe talk to you?  Well, it talks to me.  AND if you are not listening, it keeps on talking until you … Continue reading

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