My Kindle reader…is my new best friend!

my kindle

Summer is here!  Yay!!!  My favorite times of year.  We get to slow down, relax (a little), visit with friends, go on adventures and sleep in!!!  What better way to spend the day….than at the beach or the pool with your kids…..I mean Kindle!  I really love this thing!!!  It’s funny because I thought I would still prefer my books, that I am rather attached to…but guess what, I don’t!  No, I am not parting with my Patterson or Grisham books….but there are others I can live without!  I love having it with me so I can access books anywhere, and use my time wisely.  You know how big I am on time management….lol!  Seriously, it’s come in handy in waiting rooms, car pool lines, traffic, and more.  AND did you know it has games too?!?  Very cool!  But, now my KIDS want my KINDLE…….ummm, NO!  I am not parting with mine…this is MY toy.  You have your wii, xbox, nintendo ds, ipad, and leapsters!!!  Oops, I’ve lost track of why I was writing….that’s what happens to me in July!  I am out to lunch……on vacation…reading….and loving life!

July is the only true vacation month for us.  School ending in June, and starting again in August, we treasure the month as our free month, to do nothing!  And, look forward to it every year.  We spend the other 2  months vacationing, visiting family and friends, doing school summer homework, going to camp, and running around…sometimes like crazy people!  Hectic but fun too:) 

July, however, is peaceful for my kids, calm, no commitments, no sports, no running, very lazy and carefree!  It’s about taking time to be a kid, enjoying time off, relaxing, spending the day at the pool, reading, recharging, and getting ready to start the year all over again… month!

Of course the weather, being in the 90’s and close to 100 degrees makes it easy to just chill….and take it easy.  I am not complaining… is good!  The kids are having a blast and I am right behind them with the sunscreen…making sure nobody ends up red as a lobster and in pain.  I am however wishing I was living at the beach again where it is not always so hot for some reason….and more relaxing, calming and beautiful to me.  I love the beach, the  sound of the ocean, a book in my hand, it is my all time favorite place to be….winter, spring, summer, fall….doesn’t matter.  I am home….only now it’s with my kindle in tow!

Hope you are having a wonderful summer, sleeping in, visiting family& friends, and enjoying some down time…with a few books!!!

I can’t resist a good read,


What do you do for the summer?  How do you spend your down time?  What do you do to recharge?  Are the kids able to unplug and relax?  Do you have a kindle?  Do you love it?  What are you reading?  Have any reading suggestions for me?

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The journey of a 1000 miles always ends with a dirty diaper. Headmaster of a self inflicted international preschool & visitor center compassionately changing kids lives, one diaper at a time.
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49 Responses to My Kindle reader…is my new best friend!

  1. Rita, I’m loving the Kindle app on my Android phone (and sometimes on my laptop), but I’m resistant to buying a stand alone device, despite the rave reviews from everyone who owns one.
    A turning point that almost had me buying a Kindle or iPad was the discovery of The Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. The historical accuracy and character development have me hooked. A friend from book club lent me the first two paperbacks, and I quickly bought the rest from the Kindle store to read on my phone. If you start this series, be warned: much like George R. R. Martin, Ms. Gabaldon has no problem doing away with characters, and ending a book on a cliff hanger! It can be years between new books :-(

    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      Thanks for the suggested reading…, how do you wait years for the cliff hangers?!?!? I will check them out:) How is it reading on your phone??? Is it really small?

    • Radenth says:

      My daughter (3rd grade) and I just read the Mississippi book totgeher. It was wonderful for both of us. She was diagnosed with dyslexia about 1 week ago and learning more about it helped me to realize why things like reading, spelling, handwriting and math facts and word problems were always so difficult for me. It was a very empowering book. Thank you. We will check out the others too.

    • Edson says:

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    • Abdul says:

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  2. Brenda Jones says:

    Thank you for sharing! I was just debating getting a kindle/nook and/or adding audible to my phone. I love the feel of books and just not sure I could do without. But you are right about having it with you. I’d read more if my “book” was always accessible and not taking up so much space. Have you compared Nook color with Kindle? I hear pros/cons to both. Although, your comment about the kiddos taking the kindle make me think a Nook color would be bad to have with a preschooler since the kids books are supposedly really nice on it.

    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      I didn’t compare….but think as you do that my kids would be even more eager to get their hands on it!!! lol:) I haven’t tried the kids books either…for the same reason, lmao! keep ya posted….thanks for stopping by Brenda:)

  3. Okay, Rita! Here is my official response–the previous one was a quickie on FB. I’m so glad to hear you like the Kindle. I don’t have one yet, but do have two books available on Kindle. I know! That just seems wrong!! I know there is one in my future so am happy to hear such a glowing review. I think it’s wonderful that your family has a month out of the year just for relaxing, enjoying each other and being kids–all of you!

    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      Hahaha, that is funny! But, I get it:) And, I have your book on my wish list…so it will be downloaded soon!!! Your gonna love your Kindle…sometime in the near future….hopefully as much as I love mine! Thanks for stopping by to share and support me:)

  4. The seasons tend to blend together for me because I live in Berkeley and it rarely gets hot. The beach in Pt. Reyes gets visited more by me more in summer because the beach itself finally gets 70 degrees in ‘summer’. (No. Cal.= not very hot on the coast.)

    My downtime is spend in wine country at the mud baths and Mumms (when I’m not fretting about my weight) and at the movie theatre. No kids. My son is 26. I read but no Kindle yet. Kind of looking forward to getting one tho. Most of my reading is in the technical aspects of investments or spiritual growth. Nothing juicy to recommend at the moment.

    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      I’ve seen your pix of being out and about with ABOW, having lots of fun! Really enjoying life! Oh, I didn’t realize it was so cool there all the time…I’ve been there a few times…and thought it got hot…but I was all over the place! I think you will enjoy your Kindle…when it finally lands in your hands…and you can take it out on your adventures…so let me know when you find a few good reads!!! Appreciate you stopping by Rowena:)

  5. I have never tried a Kindle…not sure if I want another electronic thing to read – LOL! I do love reading and read an hour or more a day to my daughter – right now were in the Harry Potter series – and those books are heavy! I love your lazy July and the doing “nothing”. I’ve had those summers and remember them fondly. Now I have a year round business so it isn’t possible – but I do enjoy a number of vacation stretches and “down days” – so good to rest and rejuvenate. I love summer and the water too! Enjoy :-)

    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      I felt the same way Brandy!!! First the laptop, then the smartphone, the ipod, and then this?!!? Probably why I didn’t open it for months….sad I know! Ouch, those Potter books are HUGE…enjoy reading and down time with your daughter….it is what life is all about!!! It goes by SO fast:(

  6. Donna McCord says:

    My first reaction to the Kindle was that I would never go there! Like so many of the rest of us, I love my books, love the weight and feel and smell and look of them. Now, after reading everyone’s comments, I am feeling slightly swayed…maybe enough to take a look at one and see if after trying one I might change my mind. With a Kindle, what happens to the book when you are finished reading it? Do you store it for future reference or visits? or do you have to get rid of it to make room for more books? That is one thing I love about tangible books…I can finish them, put them on a shelf and pick it up any time I want in the future…I also like to be able to write in them if I feel inspired. I do like the thought of having something smaller and lightweight like the Kindle to take with me for travels or when I know I may be waiting somewhere and wanting a book to read while I wait. I am motivated now to look into it and learn more about whether it will be something I can appreciate having! So happy for you that you are having such a magical and happy July with your kids! It brings back memories for me, too, of those long ago summers with warm days and calm evenings, filled with scents of jasmine, barbeques, and all the fun us neighborhood friends had on our bikes, playing hide and seek, going to the beach, sleepovers, etc. Sigh…I sometimes miss those lay back days!

    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      Your books are backed up and stored for future use….I am not sure how many fit on a Kindle…I will check it out. I’m guessing much more than I can read at one time…AND you can read them on your PC:) It’s been great so far! Keep you posted:)

  7. Pat Zahn says:

    Rita, don’t think it didn’t escape my notice that you have a purple cover for your Kindle! I have a Nook and love it too! The only downside is that I can’t take it in the bath (I like to read while I soak.) Previously, heavy tomes can now be carried around on this small wonder and multiple books don’t take up any more space or weight! We like being lazy in the summer – I have a teenager, so she doesn’t get up early unless she has plans with friends – I get up at the same time as always, but do schedule a little less, without losing ALL my business.

    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      Hahaha Pat, of course you’d love it…very impressed you saw it! I am thinking maybe we should try the bath idea…just have dry hands?!?!? If I am daring, I will let you know how it goes….and I love lazy summers too…NOT that I am getting to sleep in or veg….but that is ok:)

      • Pat Zahn says:

        I’d be afraid that I’d drop the ereader into the bath – my books have sometimes taken a dip…

        • Rita Brennan Freay says:

          Oohh, yikes, that would be terrible (my daughter dropped her book in the pool 2 days ago!)…and I would be VERY sad…so on second thought maybe I won’t try that!!!

  8. Hi Rita,

    Thanks for raising this question. I’m with you, and I’m also with those who disagree. You’re all correct: Reading a real book is wonderful, and so is reading a digitized book.

    I’ve been reading real books all my life, and I don’t plan to ever stop. But sometimes reading a digitized book is more practical. Sometimes listening to an audiobook recording is more convenient.

    I always arrive early for appointments, so it’s nice to have SOME form of book always available. My iPhone and my iPad can synchronize their book, PDF, and audiobook collections, so I always have books available, whenever I need them. I’ve never even seen a Kindle, but I love using the Kindle app.

    Glad you love your Kindle, and it doesn’t seem you’ve stopped reading real books, either. Who knows? You might even find your way to a public library one of these days.


    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      Well it’s ALL about reading for us…and with 4 kids…I am at the library…like it or not…lol! I will always have books, but this makes life so much easier and convenient:) Love it!

  9. Darcie Newton says:

    I got a Kindle right before I left for my trip…and I love it! I understand Laurie’s point though…although reading on a Kindle is so close to reading a book that I’ve found myself reaching up to turn the page like it was a real book. I will always love books, but I love my Kindle too.


    P.S. My 10 year old read a couple of books I had downloaded for her while we were on our trip and she loved it…they are so reasonably priced now that she may be getting her own come Christmas.

    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      Funny, yes I found myself looking to turn the page….still getting used to that! I’m with you, I love them both…for different reasons:) I should see if my daughter likes the look/feel of it…before Santa comes!!! I imagine she will love it too:) Althought she loves her books!!! Thanks for sharing your experience….and love of Kindle with me:) I am curious how many books you “brought with you” on vacation…and didn’t have to carry!!!

  10. I tried reading a book on my husband’s ipad once, but I didn’t really like it. Maybe if I had a kindle, it would be better, smaller and all. I still love to curl up with a book and it seems hard to curl up with a “computer”. I’m guessing I’ll make the switch at some point. I love how you can just download a book in one second and start reading, no ordering on amazon, or driving to the bookstore/library. That part is very cool.
    My kids think my iphone is their toy too. They are so indignant when I actually have to make a phone call. LOL!

    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      Kids are so funny. I haven’t tried the ipad reading….one thing at a time for me…lol! Not sure if it will be better…or not! And yeah, there’s no curling up with this thing…so I know what you mean!!! I use it when I am out and about…not so much for when I am home….probably for that exact reason:) The instant download = instant gratification…..what kid isn’t going to love that…oh, we are in trouble…hehehe!

  11. I think it is great that you let your kids have one incredible free month! So many kids today are scheduled non-stopped and they have no time to be a kid! I too have a Kindle and for the most part I agree with you. But I have found that some books require me to be able to underline and flip and back & forth through pages. I know you can underline in Kindle but I can’t flip the pages as easily unless I make bookmarks or notes on the areas I want to refer back to. I tried it. So my easy reading books, yes, kindle it. But for certain books, I still need the book. Have you read Janet Evanovich books? She makes me literally laugh out loud. Do not read her books while waiting in the dentist office. If you hit one of those pages, you’ll be laughing so hard that people will think you have lost it! I’ve tried finding other writers who can make me laugh like her but I haven’t yet. It’s the STephanie Plum series. The first in the series is One for the Money. She is up to Smokin’ Seventeen. Don’t have to be read in order – just be prepared to laugh!

    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      I have to agree with you Julieanne…its not made for all books:) I have not read any of her books BUT am going to download one if available for Kindle asap….I can always use a good laugh!!! Thanks for the suggestions:) Apprecaite it!

  12. Rita – great post! We were just chatting about your kindle yesterday on twitter….I am so happy that you love it! I still prefer reading my books – everyone makes fun of me.
    I do read on the ipad out of convenience at times, but after all day on the laptop – I love the smell of the book and the feel and most important – climbing into the bathtub with it! Rachel
    have a fabulous summer!

    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      I hear you Rachel….gotta love a hot bath and a great book….heaven! It’s the kids knocking on the door wanting to jump in that drives me crazy! Btw, I would never make fun of you (cause I’m keeping my books too!)….lol! Thanks for the twitterchat yesterday about summer and my kindle…replying to your tweet made me realize just how much I love it….hehehe! Hope you have a wonderful summer too:)

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    • Surender says:

      Hi Rita,Just wanted to say thnaks for the products, which arrived on Wednesday they are fantastic!FYI I’m 53. My skin is not in the best shape right now, as my husband took a huge pay cut last year and facials were one of the things that got eliminated, at least in the short term. This summer, I decided the heck with it and stopped wearing make-up, as I swear it does more harm than good, relatively speaking, though I try to use very good quality, simple products. At any rate, I’ve ALREADY had two compliments on my glowing skin in the last week it HAS to be due to your marvelous cleanser and moisturizer. Will be ordering more, for sure, though would love to see it in larger sizes. Thank you again.Sincerely,Jeannie

    • Szippancs says:

      I have three sisters, tuoghh one of them passed away a couple of years ago. She was older than me by 10 years, and my other sisters are closer in age and younger than me. I’ve lived in California for many years now and they both still live back in the midwest. I do enjoy visitng them tuoghh, and I spoke to both of them on the phone just last night. I wish they were out here enjoying the weather we’ve been having, since both of them live where it is very cold right now. I enjoyed reading Meg’s story, but as I read it, I was intrigued with Kit’s story. I am looking forward to reading more about her.

  13. We bought a Kindle before our trip to Israel this year, and we were astounded by how much we loved it! I thought for sure I would be wedding to my old books, but the Kindle really offered convenience and–for these aging eyes–some clarity! I don’t want to give up my books, but I like having the Kindle available for travel. As for summer reading, I kind of goofed and started reading a 400-page heavy duty book about slavery, the south, historical threads…not what I expect for these summer months! But it’s good so now I’m pursuing it, but maybe I’ll sneak in a little summer fluff for good measure. Enjoy your summer and your reading!

    Judy Stone-Goldman
    The Reflective Writer
    “Word maven loves–and learns from–ordinarily life.”

    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      Great to hear it Judy….so I am not alone in my surprise at loving what technology has given me…the ability to travel (lightly) and read…whatever and whenever I want….love it!!! Wow, a powerful summer read….brave woman! Enjoy:)

  14. Julie Labes says:

    Hey Rita..i am a big Patterson and Grisham fan too. I have not yet seen or held a kindle so i will hold judgment till I do.. I go through reading spurts where i will read and read and read…then I don’t read for a while. Glad you are enjoying your summer. make the most of it while you can…Schooldays and all the craziness that comes with it will be here before you know it

    Julie Labes: Baby-Boomer Travel Specialist: The Fun-Loving, Feisty, Fearless, Frisky, Fierce Over 50 Traveler

    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      I knew we had more in common Julie! Yes, we’re making the best of it…as I await the crazy days…with ALL kids in school! This year will be life changing…in many ways:) Have to admit, some of it makes me teary eyed just thinking about it!

      • Alan says:

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      • Carol says:

        Just returned from B&N with my copy of The Good Woman. I walekd around the mall showing it off through the clear bag! Now it is out to the deck to read! As far as school, I stopped by the teacher aisle at B&N even though I no longer need those things. Tuesday, a group of us retired teachers will get together for our yearly School Starts Today but we don’t have to go Brunch. We’ll munch, lunch, chat and laugh, and have a beverage or two (followed by water/coffee of course) until those bright yellow buses leave the schools. I’ll be bringing Jane’s book with me to the Brunch. Plan to get a photo of our Good Women group and The Good Woman . (Also waiting for our Granddaughter to arrive on Sept. 14<3). Best wishes for a fabulous year for all students, parents, staff members.

      • Irene says:

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  15. You know, Rita, I would much rather buy my child a Kindle than a wii, xbox, or nintendo. I know you don’t want to part with yours (and don’t blame you), but I think it would be a fabulous investment for them.

    Reading is one of my favorite pasttimes – I don’t have a Kindle yet, but do sell my ebooks in Kindle format because it is so popular. If it wasn’t for Kindle, I probably never would have ended up writing a book in the first place, so Kindle is near and dear to my heart.

    Sharon Hiebing
    Relocation Without Rose-Colored Glasses

    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      Aww, that’s nice Sharon…and inspiring for my ebook (which is still in my head)! I am sure my kids will have a kindle sooner or later (even though only one is reading)…..if not for her birthday maybe Santa will bring it! Truth be told, having 3 under 5, the wii and xbox did help keep them moving during rainy cold impossible weather while building skills (well, at least thats what they tell me…lol!) so I can’t complain! These kids have a lot of energy…and need to keep moving! Can’t wait til they are all sitting around with their Kindles….what a sight that will be:)

  16. Wine4lovers says:

    We are big time readers in this house, but the kindle, not so much. Even looked at one yesterday and missed turning pages, dog-earring a page.

    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      Hehe, I love turning pages (and my books in my lap) too…reality is I wasn’t doing it as much as I’d like (with 4 kids on the run I’d forget my book, leave it in the car, in the office, etc.)…and now that I have this in my purse (can’t fit my hardcovers in there!)….I am reading MUCH more….which totally makes my day! It is not for everyone, but does come in handy:)

  17. Rita, I’ve got to disagree here. I will never own a Kindle or machine to read my books. I love the feel and smell of a new book. I like to manually turn the pages, leave it on my nightstand, and look at all my books on my bookshelf. No electronic reading for me! Now I am reading The Help, which is a movie coming out soon. I love anything by Jodi Picoult, Anne Tyler, Anne Lamont, Joyce Carol Oates. As far as my down time – what down time? A week in August in New York City and Boston for me. That’s about it. Busy working my businesses, but exercising daily and enjoying my glass(es) of wine at night. But, I’m not complaining!

    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      Hahaha, I hear you Laurie…I really thought I woudn’t like it (the gift) myself…BUT it has enabled me to read more (remember the Fab4…and my not being able to remember the book or much of anything) so I’m happy for now! I love my books too…my mom asked me the other day if I was going to get rid of my books…and I said no! Anyway, as far as down time, the wine will help…lol! Hope I am in NYC the same time as you so we can meet up!!! We have to chat before then:)

  18. Debe Bloom says:

    What a great reflection you provided me. For a few moments, I was able to drift back into my time when school was out for the summer for me and the ‘one of a kind’ feeling of the lazy, crazy days that the mid-summer days provided.
    And, I have had a slight yearn for a Kindle. Your endorsement may just have pushed me over the fence! It’s great to hear an unbiased, unsolicited remark. It would certainly add to the activities of tending to my small garden and enjoying my new backyard that others call “the beach”.

    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      Ahh, the joys of being a kid and free….all summer! Miss those days myself:) My kindle was a gift, that I didn’t open for a long time, but finally broke down unwrapped it and figured it out (very easy)…and love that I can read…when and wherever! I highly recommend it if you love reading, are busy and are away from your home often! Enjoy and thanks for stopping by Debe:)

  19. Sunday says:

    My 13 year (on Wednesday) year old is an avid reader and is desperate for a kindle. I don’t know…how do the book prices compare to regular books?

    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      Mine is begging me too….oyy! I think its the latest rage amongst avid teen readers. Its funny you ask about pricing…just last night I was looking at “Middle School” – Patterson for my daughter and it is a little more expensive for the kindle version than the hard cover…THAT was not the case in the beginning!!! Not happy to see….and hope we’re not going in that direction overall! However, I got a great book for .99cents special for me….lol!

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