I Survived The Rapture 2011…And So Did the 144,000 Aging Out of Foster Care

If you didn’t hear about The Rapture….you had to be living under a rock (or in total seclusion which means you are NOT reading this)!  With all the hoopla leading up to and surrounding the May 21st “End Of The World” date there were many things to contemplate……IF you believed. 

Well, I  wasn’t too worried…cause lets face it I was gonna be here til October no matter what….but I was happy to hear my daughter (going to catholic school) wasn’t scared out of her mind about it all.  I am thankful she didn’t ask me if I thought I’d be taken, or staying, she thinks we’re a package deal…lol!  But, in an odd way, driving home from school everyday and seeing the house with the signs and radio information in the front yard along with the car wrapped in “dooms day” jargon gave us ample time (like a year or so) to prepare her……and ourselves.  I really thought she was going to bring it up….but she didn’t – so I left it alone.

What I found out later over dinner Saturday night, thankfully, was that Father Carrier had handled this for me (us) in class….telling all of the kids that they should give the believers of the May 21st doomsday some room….until next weekend maybe, because they will be embarrassed.  He clarified for them that NOBODY knows when the end of the world, and/or Jesus, will come, it will happen  when you least expect it, so you shouldn’t worry.  I am so thankful and happy to report his talk worked…and she was calm about it all…highly unusual for my nervous nelly…..Thank you Father:)

So, instead of worrying about consoling her, I should have been composing my letter to Harold Camping, the man who (for the 2nd or maybe 3rd time) made the incorrect prediction….and (made $$$ and) wasted MILLIONS of dollars while spreading nothing but FEAR!  No worries, my note is in draft form now, but what I would like to say, since I survived and am still here, is that we wasted a lot of time, energy and money…….and I have an idea going forward.

How about your taking just HALF the time, energy and MONEY spent on FEAR mongering, and putting it towards Casa Valentina or  Jimmy Wayne’s Meet Me Half Way Project – educating the country while helping kids aging out of foster care…since in REALITY it is the equivilent of Judgement day….as they are left, thrown out, without care, support, or a place to live….tormenting them!  And what a coincidence, there are probably about 144,000 of them…a year, so we can even use your number….of those to be “saved”. 

But, if these don’t suit you, there are countless others, AdoptUSkids, Dave Thomas Foundation, CASA, the list goes on and on…..of people helping kids!  Choose one, two, or 20….whatever works for you!   

Obviously, the money and time could be spent to bring a better life and joy to these innocent kids…..maybe a home, an education, a loving family…being a GODLY man Mr. Camping, I have to believe you see that this makes sense and good use of your time and money.  I am not casting aspersions…..we are all entitled to our beliefs…I am Catholic and have my owns issues!  However, I draw the line at fear mongering.  I’m just stating the facts about how much good could come from all the money, time and energy! 

Imagine the BILLBOARDS bringing awareness, the RADIO adds spreading the message, the FUNDING bringing homes, life training, and college educations, the RECRUITMENT of forever families and the SMILES on the kids faces and the LOVE in their hearts.  Imagine the amount of love you peronally would bring to this world. 

So, I survived The Rapture 2011 (tshirts coming soon)…and I am hoping you do the right thing…because its ALL about the kids!  God’s innocent children.  You won’t be alone Harold, I am here to help YOU….serve!

God bless,


Survive the rapture?  Surprised your still here?  Did you attend a rapture party?  Do anything different that day?  Prepare to leave, or be left behind?  Did your kids have questions? Your thoughts about the whole thing?!

About Rita Brennan Freay

The journey of a 1000 miles always ends with a dirty diaper. Headmaster of a self inflicted international preschool & visitor center compassionately changing kids lives, one diaper at a time.
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8 Responses to I Survived The Rapture 2011…And So Did the 144,000 Aging Out of Foster Care

  1. tina says:

    I also believe that no one except the One knows the end. But its the unknown that sometimes gives us fears. Luckily, if you trust in Him you should not fear.


  2. Great stuff! Will share. great that people are sharing their experiences so we can all know we aren’t alone

  3. Rach says:

    This is so funny. I just had to click when I read the title! 😉

    I cleaned my house that day and wondered why I had, if Jesus was coming anyway!

    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      Thanks! Glad you liked it:) Hmmm…I did not clean…lol! I thought what the hell…if I’m gonna be judged….let’s go big! I checked out your blog…love your writing style..and what your doing for big man….hope all goes well today are peri..and your on your trip to Colorado!!! Look forward to connecting…I’m following you now;) Take care.

  4. Rita Brennan Freay says:

    Awww, sorry she was upset and nervous about it….can’t imagine! I was really dreading that part…so I was truly grateful it was handled for me at school. What a relief. Hope she is feeling better and realizes the next time the “crazies” are predicting she will know from experience that she will be okay! Love how you put it, their world does end before their time….breaks my heart!

  5. Molly Perry says:

    We had no worries about the Rapture, realizing that “only the Father knows”. It is sad that this man not only took lots of money, but also makes Christians look bad to non-believers.
    I love the idea of a t-shirt promoting your quest to have money to recruit foster families, so the kids in need of families can be saved from a life of loneliness.

    Keep at it, Rita!

    • Rita Brennan Freay says:

      Exactly Molly, he had so many scared out of their minds and others looking bad….I might have my “crazy” days, but I draw the line…lol! Thanks for stopping by….keep you posted about shirts:)

  6. Yes, we all survived – SURPRISE! Unfortunately, my 13 year old really was prepared and upset about it for days prior. Since she lives for drama and can’t help being a victim herself, these kinds of things are taken very seriously by her. I so agree with you – but you already know that! Give the money spent on this pointless campaign to the kids whose world really will end before their time.

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