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I Survived The Rapture 2011…And So Did the 144,000 Aging Out of Foster Care

If you didn’t hear about The Rapture….you had to be living under a rock (or in total seclusion which means you are NOT reading this)!  With all the hoopla leading up to and surrounding the May 21st “End Of The … Continue reading

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Foster Caring – Just Do It!

Had a great conversation today about Foster Care with 2 wonderful moms.  They had many questions about the system, the process, the kids, and how they  can make a difference.  I said Just Do It! Bottom line is that May … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day Stuff….and more!

Happy Mother’s Day!!! Every year as Mother’s day rolls around I am hit with a mix of emotions.  Don’t get me wrong, I love being Mom!  I am happy and my kids are the light of my life…I enjoy them….everyday! … Continue reading

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